Andy van der Raadt, he/him

I'm a full-stack developer and multidisciplinary designer without a website.

Let's make nice things.

Over the last year I've built ecommerce brands from scratch; integrated businesses' APIs from factory to front porch in a time of complex supply chain management; partnered with startups, scholars, and managed teams through their MVPs.

As of January '22, I've banded together with a group of friends, developers and designers to create NEW IDEA MACHINE, a software services company designed to bridge the gap between education and experience for Junior Developers and recent tech bootcamp graduates.

March '21: I've enrolled as a full-stack software development student with the InceptionU Full-Stack Developer bootcamp in Calgary, Alberta. An intensive program built around project-based learning, we used Javascript and the MERN stack—MongoDB, express.js, node.js and React—to build agile software solutions, external and internal APIs, and explore my own curiosity in the hardware-integrated Internet of Things.